Review: The Flash Season 2 Ep. 22 “Invincible”

Barry has returned changed from the speed force! Feeling more confident and powerful than ever, Barry has returned from the speed force ready to battle the metahumans Zoom has unleashed upon Central City. However when one of Zoom’s most powerful allies shows up to battle The Flash, what will Barry do when he realizes he’s fighting Earth-2’s own Black Siren aka Laurel Lance?


The Positives

“Invincible” does not disappoint me in the slightest way here except one–and we’ll get into that later. However I love how there are so many layers of storytelling in each episode of The Flash. Here we have Wally struggling to cope with his Mom’s loss, Henry Allen’s decision to stay in Central City is made, and we have a great moment between Caitlin and Cisco that shows us how much of a brother/ sister bond they have. We see that Barry is having a real surge of confidence after his exposure inside the speed force and it’s starting to worry the team to an extent. Me personally I liked the optimistic and confident Barry we saw here. The team–mainly Henry and Iris however try to remind Barry that he’s not invincible and that he should remain careful–especially with Zoom on the loose still. Barry’s response being quite casual and cool gave me the impression something dark was gonna happen–and it did.


The Negatives

Not to give too much of what happens away but we get the loss of a key character in this episode and its disappointing. It’s disappointing because I was expecting us to see more journey and growth out of this character and the writers denied us that. Now I’m usually not critical of writing decisions–especially the ones that happen on The Flash but this one particular character death committed by Zoom really hurt watching, especially after you see Barry and this particular character bond so well on the show.


The Verdict

“Invincible” was awesome! We got introduced to Earth-2’s Laurel Lance and I hope she eventually makes her way to Star City to cause trouble on Arrow! Although I’m still disappointed at her demise on Arrow I’m hoping that the writers might redeem her in some sort of way through The Flash at some point in the series. Zoom really shows just how twisted he is in the episode and it really makes you look forward to the season finale! I’m eager to know exactly what happens to Zoom’s Earth-2 as well, as Cisco is starting to have visions of a world ending apocalypse! Check out “Invincible”–then check out that season finale!


Steven Brown

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