Review: Action Comics#52 “The Great Pretender”

by Steven Brown
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Continuing the story arc “The Final Days of Superman” Superman is trying to find answers to his cure and China was a dead end. Now Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman are on a race against time to attempt to find a cure. Also a new revelation is made by Superman as he meets–another Superman?


The Positives

“The Great Pretender”, written by Peter J. Tomasi and penciled by Dale Eaglesham and Scot Eaton shows us the Trinity at its finest. Here we see the bond between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman put on full display and I enjoyed it. Here we’re reminded that although Superman is all powerful–he still needs help–he still needs his friends. The Trinity have raced around the world searching for a cure, and now they have gotten so desperate that Wonder Woman has even suggested using the Lazarus Pit on Superman. Batman of course says no, noting that he’s not sure what would come out–but that it wouldn’t be Superman. Eaton and Eaglesham do a great job of giving life to these icons on every page as you can plainly tell that Superman is sick in each panel.


The Negatives

My only complaint here in this issue is this “Solar Superman”. Only because I don’t know really what to make of him. In some panels he comes off like a hero, yet in others he seems slightly unhinged. I’m hoping for more backstory with this character but it’s frustrating because you don’t really know his endgame. My prediction is that in order to save himself Superman is going to have to bond with this “Solar Superman” at some point in the future, but I may be wrong. My only hope at this point however is that this “Solar Superman” isn’t going to be a permanent character at all though–I really don’t like him.


The Verdict

“The Great Pretender” is a good read especially if you enjoy the Trinity in action like I do. I always love seeing Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman work together and their interactions often times have their funny moments too. “The Final Days of Superman” is a good story arc to read and it involves a lot of characters that I already enjoy reading separately from the series. I’m eager to see what role this “Solar Superman” has truly and if my theory is correct! Check out Action Comics #52!


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