DC Comics Rocks San Diego Comic Con 2016

To my delight one of the biggest stand outs to preview night at San Diego Comic Con was the presence felt by DC Comics. Across a wide range of booths, you’d be sure to see DC merchandise. Everything from figures, to apparel, books, comics, exclusive items, the list goes on.

The DC booth in particular is impressive, with the main feature being the costumes on show from the upcoming film Suicide Squad. In the booth you can also have a go at the upcoming Batman VR game, slip on the VR headset and be the Bat! There is a green screen service that allows you to inject yourself into a selection of DC book covers, or you can even have yourself standing amongst the official Suicide Squad (for free)! With that, you also get a sneak peek of the upcoming DC Collectibles, in the gallery below you will get to see just how impressive the DC booth is!

Across the various other booths on the exhibit floor, there is no shortage of DC merchandise. Once you see what is on show, those hard-earned dollars may leave your pocket! Enjoy.

Hot Wheels & UD Replicas also have a strong presence at Comic Con with a wide range of products on show. Comment and let us know if you are planning on grabbing some of the items we’ve shared with you.


Damian Fasciani

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