First Full Clip from Suicide Squad Introduces Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress

by J. Brent Stewart
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Actress/Model/St. Vincent’s girlfriend Cara Delevingne dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night as she makes the rounds promoting the August 5th release of Suicide Squad.  And to sweeten the deal, she brought along the first full video clip of the film to be released so far.

To be fair, it’s only 30 something seconds long, but hey, it’s something. The effectively creepy snippet brings us June Moon in all of her witchy glory.



First appearing in the pages of Strange Adventures back in 1966, The Enchantress was a founding member of the seminal John Ostrander run of Suicide Squad comics from the 1980’s.  Since then, she has turned up in the pages of Shadowpact and Justice League Dark (among others).

It remains to be seen just how long Enchantress will last in the film (and if you follow the merchandising, I wouldn’t get my hopes up!) but to be certain, this spooky babe will leave a lasting impression.

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