Man of Steel Director’s Cut: Snyder Says No

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Man Of Steel is not getting a director’s cut.

As fans eagerly await Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBOMax, curiosity has started rumbling in other areas. Specifically, if he would ever consider releasing a Director’s Cut of the film that started the DCEU. However, that is not in his plans at the moment. Nor will it ever be.

Man Of Steel Director’s Cut – Not Happening, and Why

“There are only a few scenes we deleted, ” Snyder explains in a recent interview. “[It] wasn’t anything that I think would change the movie. That movie, pretty much, [is] what it is, and I love it. [It’s exactly] the size that it was, for me, that I wanted it to be.”

MOS reintroduced the world of Superman with a more grounded approach after the failed 2005 film Superman Returns. Although a box office success, many fans were divided on the muted tones, bleak life perspective, and the decision to have Superman kill General Zod in a catch-22 situation in the final act. In spite of its flaws, Man Of Steel was the springboard from which would come Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which introduced Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Gadot would later reprise the role of Princess Diana in the successful 2016 Wonder Woman film.

The shared universe would be expanded by Suicide Squad and ultimately Justice League. However, due to personal tragedy, Zack stepped down as director and the job went to director Joss Whedon. The tonal change under Whedon’s direction resulted in a theatrical bomb. The impact of this box office failure forced Warner Bros. Media to rethink their shared universe approach. Standalone films like Joker and Birds of Prey were the result, with only Shazam!, Aquaman, and the upcoming WW84 sharing the Snyder continuity. However, years of petitioning to see the original filmmaker’s vision caught Snyder’s attention. With studio backing, minor reshoots, and professional visual effects, the original cut of Justice League is due for release very soon on HBOMax.


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