DC Entertainment Offers “First Look” at All Star Batman Art!

by J. Brent Stewart
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DC Entertainment have posted an interview with superstar writer Scott Snyder and also-superstar artist John Romita Jr., previewing their upcoming All Star Batman title. (Phew, that’s a lot of stars.)

In addition to providing background on the highly anticipated story, which Snyder describes as a “road trip” which is “violent, kinetic, grindhouse”, the video also offers first glimpses of Batman’s newest crimefighting duds, and glimpses of villains such as major bad guy Two Face, and semi-obscurities like Gentleman Ghost and what I can only assume is Killer Moth? Maybe? I’m going to stick with Killer Moth.

Check the video here:

Scott Snyder, looking more and more like the definitive Bat-writer of his generation, looks to continue that win streak with All Star Batman. Check it out on August 10th!

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