Mark Hamill Presented with Joker Lightsaber

by J. Brent Stewart
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Let’s say you’re Mark Hamill. You’re an actor who is best known as the star of the most beloved motion picture franchise of all time. Your likeness has been reproduced in miniature plastic form millions of times over.

Let’s say you’re Mark Hamill, and in addition to all of that, you’re also beloved by another group of fans (though one supposes there’s more than a little bit of an intersection between the two groups) due to your long running gig as the voice of the Joker, dating back to the earliest days of Batman: The Animated Series, and continuing to the present in video games and motion pictures alike.

Let’s say you’re Mark Hamill, and during your down time you’re at a convention where you are selling your signature for probably, I dunno, $150 a pop, to thousands of starstruck nerds.  You’re minding your own business, writing your name over and over and OVER dear God does it ever end, when one of these nerds approaches you with a geegaw so potently geeky, it perfectly merges the worlds of your two best known roles in the form of a JOKER LIGHTSABER.

Well, if you’re the Mark Hamill in this clip, you seem kind of sleepy and confused, polite and ready to pawn the thing off on your nephew. Still, you seem impressed that the thing laughs when you turn it on.

(Would it have killed them to hold the camera horizontally?)


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