Review: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artists: Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval
Variant Cover: Kevin Nowlan


Green Lantern Hal Jordan continues to search for his comrades. His efforts bring him to Sector 563 on the planet Joween. Jordan tracks down some smugglers who tangled with the Corps a few months ago.

Meanwhile, Thaal Sinestro, sensing the presence of the green power of will from Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1, beseeches the captive Parallax to restore his ailing body and ring. And as with Sinestro and other wielders of power in the last issue, his “rebirth” is felt by Jordan in a brief manifestation of fear.

Sinestro, complete with a rejuvenated body and new costume, takes charge of the Sinestro Corps from his daughter Soranik. He also delivers an edict to his minions to maintain order through fear.

Back on Joween, the smugglers alert the Sinestro Corps of Hal Jordan’s return. And John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and what’s left of the Green Lantern Corps make their way back to reality.

The Positives

Venditti continues to leave his mark on the Green Lantern Corps. He’s cooking up quite the stew with a recharged Sinestro, a lone Hal Jordan and a pinch of returned Corps members. Will they welcome Hal back to their ranks with open arms, or rings a blazing?

The Negatives

I was expecting Ethan Van Sciver’s art, but I can come to accept Jordi Tarragona and Rafa Sandoval.

The Verdict

The art is slightly different from Ethan Van Sciver’s work that was present in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1, but not in a bad way. Jordi Tarragona and Rafa Sandoval seem to hold their own. I would be curious to see how they decide who draws what. Maybe one does aliens and landscapes, the other humanoids. Either way, this book is a fun romp through different sectors. I’m excited to see Part 2 of “Sinestro’s Law.”


Kevin Gunn

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