Peter David Needs Your Help

'Peter David' Needs Your Help

For those of you that know Peter David, he has been an icon of literature for the past 30 years. Since the 1970’s, he has written everything from newspaper articles, comic books, and both fiction and non fiction books alike. Some of his critically acclaimed comic books are The Incredible Hulk (1987) as well as my personal favorite, Supergirl (1996). You can check out his entire bibliography right here. Chances are, if you’ve read comic books since the 80’s, then you’ve probably read some of his work.

'Peter David' Needs Your Help

Right now, Mr. David needs a superhero in you. According to his personal blog, he needs some financial assistance. You can read the blog post below:

I was going to post this tomorrow but then realized people might think it’s an April Fool’s joke, so I’m doing it today.

Pretty much everyone has private things that have happened to them that they don’t want to discuss publicly. Well…this is mine.

Many years ago I had a television series on the air called “Space Cases.” And I made a lot of money that year. I mean a lot. And I had a ton of money sitting in my bank account ready to send to the IRS on April 15th. It was all good.

And then the day that I was going to send the check, I swung by the nearest ATM to withdraw some cash and was astounded to see that half the money in my account was gone. Why was it gone? Because my then wife withdrew it in order to pay for a divorce lawyer, which was how I found out my marriage was dissolving. So the money never went to the IRS because I had to use the remainder to hire my own attorney.

Over the years, I never managed to land another project that would pay me that much. I had lots of people make promises–I even did the work for some of them–and none ever came up with the money. Meanwhile I tried to make payment arrangements with the IRS but they didn’t last, because throughout the year I’d send in the payments but then on April 15 I had no money to pay the income tax because I’d already sent them all my spare money.

Then they seemed to just forget about it. Which was great.

Except recently they now seem to have remembered. And they want all the money, plus penalty and interest, or they are going to financially destroy me.

How much? $88,000.

So I’m asking you guys.

I’d love to say that we want the money because we want to repair the house, which is in desperate need, but that’s not the case. Every cent is going straight to the government.

Is it possible? Well, I have 5000 Facebook followers. If they each sent $10, that would get me halfway. I have over 13,000 Twitter followers. If they each sent $10, I’d be in the clear with money to pay any taxes due on the new income.

My Paypal account is Don’t use the donate button on this site; that will send the money to the Heroes Initiative.

Do you want to get something for the money? Fine: Send a check to my PO Box, PO Box 951, Bayport, NY 11705 along with books of mine and a SASE and I’ll sign them and send them back. That’s something, I guess.

I’m sure that there are people out there who will be overjoyed that I’m having financial difficulties, but I’m hoping the rest of you will not judge me too harshly and help me out.

From a personal point of view, Mr. David’s Supergirl run in the 90’s still stands as one of the best, if not the best, run the character has ever had since her origin in Action Comics in 1959. Many of the characters and content he used and created in that run are being used today in the Supergirl TV show. His ability of telling a story, and creating characters that are compelling and flawed is the reason I wanted to start writing myself. I even own a copy of his book, Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels with Peter David.

If you’ve enjoyed Mr. David’s work, and would like to help, please click here.

Danny Saab

Writer and producer of DC fan films Girl of Steel and Batgirl Rises. Started reading monthly comics 5 years ago and never looked back. Sheer and absolute allegiance to the greatest hero that ever lived, Supergirl.