Batgirl Director Joss Whedon’s Approach to Casting Batgirl

The excitement behind the upcoming Batgirl movie from DC continues to build as fans continue to pore over every bit of information that gets released. One of the big questions regarding the movie is who is going to play the titular character. Fans continue to speculate and offer their opinions as to who should play Batgirl, but in a red-carpet interview with Variety, director Joss Whedon talked about his thought process and how he is approaching the character.

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Whedon commented how he was very excited to be working on the character and couldn’t wait to see the “girl in the cowl.” When asked if there are any names in mind for the role, Whedon replied that no names are being considered at the moment but rather he was “in a dialogue with [Batgirl].”

The director appears to be very focused on being character first and not looking for a “big name” right away. He stated that he personally didn’t have a problem with casting a big name but would rather create the character first and then look for her after the fact.

Or he can just get a certain ‘fast and furious’ star to play the role. Who do you think should play Batgirl? Let us know in the comment section below.

Joseph Marcas

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