Titans Season One Will Be Thirteen Episodes Long


Recently, DC Entertainment revealed that the upcoming Titans season 1 will be 13 episodes long and will be streamed in the untitled DC Comics streaming service. For years now, DC Comics and Warner Bros. TV has been real busy trying to bring the Teen Titans into live-action. Titans will premiere in DC’s new digital service and accompanied with it is the long awaited season 3 of Young Justice. With this, it will give DC Comics the creative freedom when it comes to bringing the characters in live action.

Earlier this year when the series was announced, we also learned the core characters that will be in the show. Although there is no official roster of characters confirmed yet, it seems that the description that was released best describes Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven. With this four on the line up, we are not really that surprised. Eventually, after years of seeing them in various animated series and movies, we will now have a fresh look at the Titans when it comes in live action.

Deadline reported that Titans will run for 13 episodes in its first season. Unlike the other DC TV shows such as Gotham, Lucifer, and the Arrowverse shows, this series will not be confined in the usual 22-23 episodes per season. Although the other DC TV shows can offer fans more quantity, the quality, however, usually suffers while trying to spin out the story and the budget.

In this manner, we can expect that the series will focus in a tight plot and a decent-sized budget that will be used for the special effects. Obviously, with Beast Boy’s shapeshifting, Raven’s magic and Starfire’s fire-based powers, the series needs a good amount of money so that it will look awesome.

With the series expected to start filming this fall in Toronto, the tone of the series is still unknown if it would be like the Arrowverse or the animated TV shows. But even if we see it in the tone of the Arrowverse, we are not expecting a crossover anytime soon. Though the Titans won’t be shooting far away from Vancouver, we can expect that it will be a bit difficult.

With San Diego Comic Con right around the corner, we are expecting that DC Comics will shed some light on our favorite TV series especially with our favorite young crime-fighting heroes.

Titans is expected to premiere in DC’s digital service.

Reigh Carlo

Reigh Carlo

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