Marv Wolfman Returns To Teen Titans Book For One Issue in 2018

There are certain names when mentioned at conventions, panels, and especially in the halls of DC offices, that garner so much reverence that whenever they make the news, the comic book world notices. One of those names is Marv Wolfman, and now fans can rejoice for a one night only, I mean one issue only run on the title he helped to build into a powerhouse: Teen Titans.

Marv Wolfman is credited with producing some of the most iconic characters in comic books for both Marvel, DC, and numerous other publishers. His credits include such characters as Blade and Bullseye for Marvel, which have all gone on to appear on the big screen.

For DC, Wolfman truly did shine with the creation of Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg, who would go on to join the Titans and Teen Titans in various storylines. Wolfman was also instrumental in the transition of Dick Grayson from Robin to Nightwing and the creation of one of DC’s most iconic villains in Deathstroke.

In January 2018, Wolfman will be returning to the Teen Titans for issue #16 only. The issue, written by Wolfman, will be drawn by Tom Derenick (Injustice: Gods Among Us, New Suicide Squad, Red Hood and The Outlaws), as they take over the previous team of Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt. It seems only fitting that the cover will feature Wolfman creation Starfire drawn by Sami Basri. You can see a preview below.

Teen Titans #16 hits stands January 24, 2018.

Joseph Marcas

Joseph is a contributor to DC Comics News and hopes to someday become a superhero. He enjoys writing, politics, and everything between ballet and monster truck rallies.