MOS: Posters, Character Profiles, and Promo Screen Shots

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Man of Steel will be coming in less than a month, but before then let’s check out some cool posters. Click the jump to see more.

From what has been stated about the Man of Steel, the movie runs at 143 minutes which is 2 hours and 23 minutes. So, it’s a long movie please don’t drink too much before or during the movie. Since it is a decently long movie, there must be tons of characters surrounding Superman. So, who are they and which actors are playing? You can check out their profiles before that were released a few days ago.


The first set of posters came a few days with different looks at Henry Cavill as Superman. See posters below:

Along with these posters were some Norton promos. Norton is a software that protects computers from viruses and hacking. These promos showcasing the movie and a different power that Superman posesses such as flight, strength, and speed. All of which, Norton uses daily to protect computers. See the promo clips below and the screenshots from them.

Man of Steel will be coming out June 12th.

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Source- SHH, MOS Facebook 

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