ALL STAR WESTERN: Jonah Hex Vs. Batwing?

Whoa, this is interesting. Batwing and Jonah Hex meet up? Click the jump to see more.

In All Star Western, we have Jonah Hex meeting up with Booster Gold who annoys the crap out of him. It’s good to know that Hex shuts Booster with a simple “Shut up.” However what’s coming up for Hex is a little bit more interesting. Hex will be going to the present of The New 52 in Gotham City where he will be locked up in Arkham Asylum, then he’ll be encountering someone from the Bat-family. And it’s…


It’s Batwing. Interesting right? This was shown on the final cover of All Star Western #21. Don’t be too worried if the plot of this story might be a little weird, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (writers of All Star Western and Batwing) will make sure it’s an enjoyable read.

All-Star Western #21 will be out on June 26th, written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with interior art by Moritat. See the full cover below.

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Source- CBR