JLA #4 Preview: Secret Society of Super-Villains

Secret Society of Super-Villains? That’s rather long, see the preview of Justice League of America #4. 

Plot: The League uncovers the leader of The Secret Society of Super-Villains-but can such a diverse group of heroes defeat the collective might of the Society? And in the backup story, Manhunter goes behind the scenes to learn more about the Secret Society!


As you can see Brett Booth (former artist of Teen Titans and Nightwing) has now become the new artist of Justice League of America. Booth has done such awesome work on his previous comic book titles, so this is a huge step forward for him. Congratulations, Booth! As for Justice League of America, the team must uncover The Secret Society of Super-Villains. Seriously, that is a long name to go back! But, that’s comics for ya; what’s a name anyway?

See the preview below of Justice League of America #4 down below.

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Source- DC Comics

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