Previews: Green Lantern Corps #22: Meltdown

With the changing of the guard of the Green Lantern titles after Geoff Johns announced he was leaving Green Lantern, there was some sparks fly after the original announced team was revealed to be leaving the title then news came out that it may have been over the planned death of John Stewart.  With that aside now, Green Lantern Corps continues to change with the departure of Guy Gardner to Red Lanterns now and the use of the colored lanterns in the 3 main Green Lantern titles.  Also building is the story with Relic, the lead into Villains Month, and if that was not enough for the Green Lantern Corp, Lights Out in October with Relic in the forefront.  The preview has the corp feel with the use of Salaak and Soranik and gives connections to the recent events.  Here is the preview of the issue coming out on Wednesday written by Van Jensen and Robert Venditti with art by Bernard Chang.

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Source: DC Comics