PREVIEWS: Legion of Super-Heroes #23: The Death of the Legion of Super-Heroes?

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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In the beginning of the New 52, Legion Lost and Legion of SuperHeroes existed, however by the end of year 2 of the New 52, no Legion title will remain.  The ending of this issue could be quite interesting. Paul Levitz has made comments that the path to Justice League 3000 is clear, however it also sounds like the Legion‘s future is answered too.  The cover states it all “The Death of the Legion of Super-Heroes”.  The last issue of this series, so how will it wrap up?  What will happen to the various members?  Will there be any hints to Justice League 3000?  What other surprises are in store this issue?  At this point only Paul Levitz & Kevin Maquire know.


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Source: Comicosity

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