PREVIEWS: Green Lantern Corps #24: Lights Out Part 2

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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After the shocking conclusion of Green Lantern #24, the ramifications of Lights Out is already being felt, and the affects of Relic are still being felt.  We do get some hints in the interview with this preview:

Oa seems like it’s not in great shape, the Blue Lanterns are all dead, and the entities from the central power batteries are all missing and dying – it kind of seems like the whole lantern universe is crumbling down around them. Are we going to see some pretty lasting changes after “Lights Out” ends?

RV: Yes, there are gonna be very long-term lasting ramifications of “Lights Out,” not just in terms of what it means for the Green Lantern line of books, but also in terms of what it means for the wider DCU as a whole. One of the things that Van and myself – and Charles Soule, who writes Red Lantern and Justin Jordan who writesGreen Lantern: New Guardians – one thing that we really tried to do in all of our discussions across all the books is to make each character have a very significant role in the crossover that only that character could perform, and also to have a lasting impact in each of the books coming out of this. So yeah, it is going to be an event that will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Can you say whether or not we’ll ever see the Blue Lanterns again?

RV: Umm… how do I want to answer that? You know, there will be more Blue Lanterns, yes. How that happens, and who those characters are, all that story remains to be seen. A large part of what “Lights Out” is all about is building on this great mythology that Geoff Johns put down over the course of his run, and really using that as a foundation for our stories. The Blue Lanterns are such a huge, central part of that, we wouldn’t want to leave them out of it.

With the knowledge and technology Relic has, what hope do all the Lantern Corps have against him, and what propels the Red Lanterns to be the Lanterns of Sector 2814? Part 2 may shed some light on these questions and more.

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Source: Buzzfeed

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