Community Spotlight: Did Young Justice get a Reboot?

by Remington Keyes
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Are you paying attention Cartoon Network? This is how you get everyone buying merchandise. Comic Booked Studios presents a fan made web series inspired by Cartoon Network’s Young Justice and multiple DC Universes. This fan-made web show captures everything we wanted out of the next season of our beloved television show.

Here’s the Plot: The team is forced to come together once the experienced Robin (Colin Bass) tells Detective Harvey Bullock (Sean Swanson) that multiple villains are teaming up for an unknown reason. But once Robin, Red Arrow (Alexander Ralston), and Batgirl (Rebecca Schnell) look deeper into the mystery, they are only left with more questions.

Expect more characters, good and bad, with each new episode as the most unexpected team is assembled in the wake of this catastrophe. Who will be abducted? Who will survive? Find out on Young Justice: Abduction! Excuse me I’m still geeking out, I’m going to go watch this for the 20th time I suggest you all do the same.

Young Justice

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