Review: Forever Evil: Arkham War #5

by Alexander Cerola
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Forever Evil: Arkham War #5 is the tipping point in the war between Bane and Arkham. Bane and Talon agent William Cobb mount their campaign across Gotham City to locate Bane’s stolen prize. Will he finally secure his secret weapon, the kidnapped/brainwashed Talons from Mister Freeze and Scare Crow? Or will the new Diabolical Duo be thwarted with their attempted to “free” Gotham from madness?


This issue…


Simply wow. Throughout this entire run Peter J. Tomasi has had us on the ropes. It seem’s Bane has adapted his Bat-Bane costume, though this writer is more a fan of the hastily assembled Bat-scrap suit he wore in issue three. The tension that erupted between both parties is simply brimming to the point of completion and each page is as delectable as lobster feast!

This issue ends on an entire Arkham Venom huff party! The ending mirrors a bit of Arkham Asylum, the videogame that came circa 2009… Yet still it’s a very exciting cliff hanger, Tomasi simply knows how to weave a fantastic campaign for Bane. And I mean come on… Venom Croc? Venom Clayface (though how it even, I mean does Clayface even breath?) Next issue will be something fierce. Now enough about Tomasi, let’s talk about artist Scott Eaton.

His pencils are simply perfect for this title. His action sequences are amazing and the grit that he subtly touches upon each character in this new hellish world is simple yet effective. I can appreciate the new ‘streamlined’ Bat-Bane costume, it harkens back to Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Though this is great, this writer much preferred the scrap iron Bat suit. The ‘rawness’ of the creation fit Bane’s crass image, but it’s possible referencing his strategic side, something that’s hardly been touched in the New 52. Tomasi has done an excellent job with that, paralleling Bane’s deductive mind with Bruce’s when it came to the ‘mission.’


It’s the ending honestly, I just feel “let’s shoot up Venom” is just an easy out. With the best of the worst minds in Arkham brought together under one roof. Surely all of them together could have crafted something other than a raw power approach. Mister Freeze put it best.



Rating: 5/5


This and Rogues Rebellion are the best tie-ins to Forever Evil. Tomasi and Eaton craft a solid issue and it is a bit of a shame to see the last issue on the horizon but all good things are finite. To see Bane’s intellect and a fun pun on the dynamic duo is something long needed out of the destitute and grit of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Here’s hoping lasting effect will be felt come the end of Forever Evil.

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