Get a look at the beautiful Poison Ivy Collectible

Poison Ivy is one of the more sexualized characters in the DC Universe, and with her high intelligence and general dislike of men and human kind, she is a formidable foe for Batman. Now DC Collectables have released a look at the beautiful and texturized Poison Ivy statue. This is one of DC’s ComicCon exclusive collectables that will be hard to get your hands on. On DC Comics, DC had this to say about their DC Collectables:

“If you’ve ever come to visit us at SDCC, NYCC or another one of our many conventions, you’ve likely noticed how we always have plenty of great DC Collectibles statues and action figures on display. We’ve been doing this for years, and over that period we’ve noticed how much time fans spend looking at our new collectibles, particularly the statues, making sure they take enough time to examine all of the texture and detail. This isn’t really surprising. Unless you happen to see one of our statues on display, it’s sometimes hard to gauge its level of intricacy. Usually, you have nothing more to go on than the photo on the box or website you’re ordering from. Conventions are often your best place to get a good look.”

    Tim Beedle on DC Comics

Unfortunately, not all of us can make it to those wonderful conventions, so thanks to Tim Beedle and DC Comics, fans will be getting close-up shots at other beautiful sculptures like this one. The new segment will be titled “Collectible Close-Up”, and will be running every so often.

And the first statue that gets the first showcase is the wonderful Poison Ivy. Take a look right here at the close ups provided by DC Comics:

This is an amazing sculpture of the Batman: Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy statue with incredible detail of the vines and plant life as a part of her. The lack of color, the de-saturation, also appeals to the scientist in me and is a great symbol of the darkness of Gotham blocking out the light as well as her imprisonment in Arkham.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy goes on sale this coming November, stands approximately 8.5″ tall and was sculpted by the very talented Karen Palinko.

Source: DC Comics Blog, Caped Crusades