Batman Gets A Makeover Thanks To Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura, famed Japanese video game artist, most notable for his work on the Final Fantasy series and also the Kingdom Hearts series, has chosen to celebrate the anniversary of one of DC’s most famous heroes, Batman, in his own, special way by unveiling his take on The Caped Crusader.

Nomura batman

The prototype for the as yet unnamed version of The Dark Knight was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con and will be part of the DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai line of action figures.  Nomura’s Batman doesn’t look too far separated from what we might see in a Final Fantasy game mixed with a bit of Keyblade Armor from Kingdom Hearts.

Nomura Batman

Square Enix says the prototype version on display at Comic-Con doesn’t have price or release date details yet. But it does say the figure is part of a new line of Batman figures designed by Nomura, so perhaps we’ll get his interpretation of some other key characters from his mythos, such as The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman and maybe even Robin.

Stay tuned for more news as it hits.

Source:  Game Informer