Darkseid War heading to The New52

by Al Basharu

Geoff Johns has hinted at the possible return of  Darkseid, The King of Apokolips.  Johns, DC’S Chief Creative Officer and Writer of Justice League since its New52 debut has always had long-term plans in building something really important from issue 1.




*Spoiler Alert* If you haven’t finished reading Forever Evil, at the end of the Event, the Anti-Monitor made his first New52 appearance, hinting to him being a lethal opposition to the Dark Lord. Perhaps leading to a War between Anti-Monitor and Darkseid, Two of DC’s heavy hitting villains.




Geoff Johns tweeted last week about the Justice League #33, and teased the Darkseid war, the Justice League titles will indeed catch up with other first wave issues by October,




Grant Morrison’s Multiversity, where he stated to tie in to the New52, is seemingly building to the 2015 event slated to be 20th century anniversary ‘Crisis’ like event, commemorating the classic DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths.


What do you think of Darkseid returning to the New 52?

Darkseid vs Anti Monitor, Who would win?

And, how will Multiversity tie into The Darkseid War, as it was confirmed there is only one Darkseid?

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