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SENSATION COMICS continues to grow with adventure and action as this week’s two part story wraps. Wonder Woman is still trying to take down Gotham’s worst villains as she endeavors to protect the city in place of the missing Batman.

10574748_874242602593986_1111041031_nGail Simone propels her witty humor into the pages of this issue. With Catwoman and Harley forced into joining the Amazon princess, Gail Simone creates some hilarious bantering moments between the trio. It was a perfect balance of clever comedy around the ongoing conflict that was taking place. It was wonderful to have such a talented writer on the project and I don’t think they could have asked anyone better to start off the new series with such a bang. The female dominated issue highlights the girl power of Gotham from not only from the anti-heroes, such as Catwoman, but also strength not concealed by a mask, like Oracle.

10622103_874243382593908_1300485455_nEthan Van Sciver and Brian Miller’s artwork only becomes bolder with pages washed in color. Sticking to the more traditional artwork style, they have brought back the classic villain appearances in a new form. The Joker especially looks like he walked straight out of The Killing Joke. Each page is a blast of vibrancy as Gotham’s famous explosions burst out against the darkened silhouettes of Wonder Woman’s iconic form. This series is a nice break from the darker stories in DC and I find that whenever Wonder Woman makes an appearance, she brings vivid shades even to a permanently dark city.


10615650_874242955927284_1268024098_nThe subtle jokes are definitely worth reading this issue for. The teasing between Harley and other characters like Poison Ivy is hilarious. Gail Simone is excellent at slipping in the casual remark that will make you crack a smile and I think every DC fan will laugh at what Wonder Woman has done to the Batsignal. Not many writers have been able to take classic characters and spin such a new life into what fans have become so attached to.

The paneling was also a huge positive for this issue. Wonder Woman’s feelings on internal images were displayed with matching hues for each moment with ice blue and blood red.



10615932_874243315927248_300403367_nI found the small dots of internal monologue were short and blunt. Though direct, it left very little dialogue for Wonder Woman, casting a silent but deadly appearance to the usually sassy heroine. It also left most of the story rushing through the pages a little too fast with most of the pages dominated by artwork.


This issue was a wonderful conclusion to the first story from the SENSATION COMICS. With great gags and enough action to keep any fan happy, the issue has made a great start to the series. If you are a Wonder Woman enthusiast or a Gotham devotee, you will love this week’s thrilling wrap-up.




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