Green Lantern to go dark in new “Futures End” story

GL JSWriter Van Jensen takes Green Lantern John Stewart into some new territory in “Green Lantern Corps: Futures End #1”. Jensen says that after five years into the future of the New 52, he’s had to make tough decisions, which led him to become somewhat callous to the ways of the world. In preparing to write the story, Jensen turned to TV’s Breaking Bad for inspiration, partially basing Stewart off of the character of Walter White:

“He’s a character who made lots of hard choices — often not good ones — and ended up being both bad and good, hero and villain. That’s what could lie ahead for John should he make the wrong choices.”

The book also will explore Stewart’s love life, with a possible romance with Fatality. Jensen also talks about how Stewart will become a new leader of the Green Lantern Corps in the upcoming, “Godhead” series, using his military experience to help the Corps against the threat of the New Gods. More surprises are in store for John Stewart and his fellow Lanterns, including a threat even deadlier than that of the New Gods.