Review: Flash Season 0 #1

There are some metahumans on the loose in the new Flash digital-first outing.  A now super-powered team of circus performers has a plan for Central City.  The Flash’s attempts to stop them have to come between keeping his new secret, maintaining his job as a CSI, and some pining over Iris.

Flash 0 1_1Positives

The narration works great in this issue.  Aside from a few pages over backstory narration, Barry’s stream of consciousness thinking provides for a fair amount of humor.  That humor does a great job of setting the tone for the digital series, and hopefully the show itself.  The story moves along at a fairly decent pace and we end with your typical digital-first cliffhanger that sets up the story to come.


NegativesFlash 0 1_2

The artwork suffers in a few places.  Most notably, in the faces of male characters.  A lot of faces look nearly identical and we are left to tell people apart by hair color and glasses.  While the pace feels good, we lose a few too many pages on the recap.  It’s a necessary recap as the pilot hasn’t officially released yet and not everyone who reads this has seen Barry on Arrow or his trailers (though most have) but it still just runs a little too long.

The Verdict

Flash Season 0 #1, while a quick read, is great fun.  It’s definitely an excellent primer for the series to come.