DCN Guide to Arrow, Season 3

by Thomas ODonnell
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Arrow season 3 is upon us and we have compiled a guide of the cast changes for you.

J.R Ramirez is set to appear as Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, in at least four episodes this season. In the DCU Grant had trained Black Canary, and we can’t help but wonder if that will reign true in this series. Read more here.


J.R. Ramirez










Brandon Routh has been cast as Ray Palmer (The Atom) and will appear in the season premiere episode entitled “The Calm.” Fans may remember Routh in his role in another set of blue and red tights as the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns. Read more here.


Brandon Routh


Ray Palmer








David Cubitt has landed the part of Mark Shaw an A.R.G.U.S. operative that will cross paths with Diggle. Read more here.


David Cubitt


Mark Shaw (Manhunter)








Rila Fukushima has replaced Devon Aoki in the role of Tetsu Yamashiro known as the deadly Katana. Read more here.


Rila Fukushima










After numerous rumours it has finally been confirmed that Matt Nable will bring Ra’s al Ghul to life on the small screen. We are looking forward to this one! Read more here.


Matt Nable


Ras Al Ghul








Matt Ward will take on the role of Komodo. First debuting a little over a year ago in Green Arrow #17. Simon Lacroix was part of Robert Queen’s expedition to the island to search for the fabled “Green Arrow.” It was Lacroix who in a double cross murdered Robert Queen and assumed the mantle of the Arrow clan. Read more here.

Matt Ward

Matt Ward










Colton Haynes is back to reprise his role as Roy Harper and as seen in the teaser image will don a costume similar to Arrow and take on the codename of Arsenal. Read more here.




Colton Haynes








Nick Tarabay will appear as Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang) in the Flash crossover episode titled “The Brave and the Bold.” Will he join the Suicide Squad or the Rogues? Read more here.

Nick Tarabay

Nick Tarabay


Captain Boomerang








Garrett Black will appear as Skel. In the DCU, Judson Pierce was a mob boss who put out a hit on Martha Wayne but went to jail before the deed was done. Years later, after being released from prison he tried to kill Martha’s heir Bruce Wayne. As a result of being burned in an accident, he gained strength and took on the name “Skel.” A slang terminology meaning low-life, or criminal commonly used by police officers.




Garrett Black

Garrett Black








Emelio Merritt has a part listed as “Dying Celubra” and appears in episode six, entitled “Guilty,” along with Ted Grant. Celubra in Spanish means “Snake,” does that mean we could see the South American villain Copperhead?


Emilio Merritt











Season 3 of Arrow is shaping up to be an action packed season.  The show premieres Wednesday October 8 on the CW.



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