Review: THE FLASH #35

by Joey Garces
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The Flash #35 delivers on the knock-down, all out brawl between Flash and Future Flash that has been hyped for the whole story arc. Vendetti and Jensen have been on a mission since they’ve taken over the book and they deliver with a fantastic issue that will have you rereading it because it’s so damn entertaining. The art was simply amazing in this issue, Brett Booth stand up and take a bow, you deserve it. This wasn’t one of those “set up the big brawl that will only take place in the last two pages”, the fight encompasses the majority of the issue, rightly so.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up to date since Vendetti and Jensen took over, shame on you, here is a brief summary of what’s happened so far. Future Flash has discovered that the repetitive action of running through time has actually caused reality to start tearing apart. He journeys back in time, to right his wrongs and to get to the exact moment that he can stitch up the Speed Force, but only by killing his present day self.  The idea of an evil Barry Allen is delicious as he’s always been one of the more morally driven heroes of the DC Universe, sort of reminiscent of Harvey Dent sucummbing to evil.

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The fight is hilariously one sided and it looks like defeat is imminent for Flash, that is until Future Wally West comes in and saves the day! Those who’ve been skeptical of the new Wally can use this issue as an example of how bad ass Wally can be, he does look snazzy in his uniform.


Brett Booth sure knocked #35 out of the park with his amazing pencilling. The art is as crisp and vibrant as it needs to be when it comes to drawing a Flash issue and with an entire issue devoted to pure action, the was little room for failure. Luckily for Booth and us readers, the art really drives this issue home.

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Kudos also need to be given to Vendetti and Jensen for handling the storyline so well, not just this issue. The topics of time travel and tearing reality apart are always right there on the fence between too confusing and not complex enough. #35 does it’s job in keeping the conclusion to the fight simple and believable. The ending leaves the readers satisfied and wanting more all at the same time. The fun is just getting started.


Nothing to harp on about this issue, everything leading up to this point is delivered. If I had to nitpick on one bad thing about this issue it’d probably be Future Wally dying, would have liked to see him and Present Flash to team up.


Vendetti and Jensen deliver in The Flash #35 with a brawl of epic proportions taking place between the same person! This action packed issue is the cherry on top in regards to this storyline, the next story in this book could not come soon enough.



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