Review: The Flash Ep.4 “Going Rogue”


The Flash took a big step forward this episode as it solved the chronic problem that’s been plaguing an otherwise phenomenal start, underdeveloped villains. With so much attention being focused on Barry and the rest of his friends it has left less time for the show to feature a well thought out villain. Enter Geoff Johns, comic writer extraordinaire, who actually co-wrote this episode for one reason, the debut of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. “Going Rogue” was a big step forward as it marks the first significant crossover with Arrow due to Felicity Smoak making an appearance, and the delivery of an interesting villain made it all the more mouth watering. Props are due to Geoff Johns for co-writing this episode, he’s wrote some of the most influential Flash comics in the modern era, so there was no way he was going to fool around with one of the most infamous Flash villains.

The best part of Captain Cold’s introduction was that we didn’t spend too much time on his origins, just select details here and there were all we needed. Captain Cold, or Leonard Snart as is his real name, is a meticulous and calculating bank robber who doesn’t let anyone get the best of him usually, his intelligence is one that is criminally underrated. From the  beginning scene we can see that Snart is always thinking ahead, remaining poised in the face of danger. Wentworth Miller plays him perfectly and it’ll be a real treat to observe going forward, as he will seemingly be attempting to assemble the eventual Rogues. The ending scene where he is deliberating with a certain villain is equally as exciting.

As for the good guys there was certainly a lot going on with each character this episode. It’s sort of amazing how much plot they stuffed into this episode, there was so much going on. Barry has to deal with the first taste of failure as a citizen dies in his hands after he failed to save him from the Cold Gun.  It doesn’t help that Barry is blindsided by the fact that Cisco is the one who created the Cold Gun. Can you say drama in Central City? This ripple in team dynamic is expanded upon once Felicity steps into the picture, she serves as the voice of wisdom when she divulges the Flash team in her own adventures with the Arrow team. Even though Barry and the S.T.A.R. Lab scientists came together relatively easy, there will still be growing pains they need to  deal with.


I absolutely love how bold the show is getting with their CGI stunts, sure today’s episode didn’t really deliver some of the most precise CGI work but I love the effort. Starting from the first episode we only had a red blur that flew across the screen, now we have Barry running through crashing trains saving civilians, definitely awesome in my book.

The appearance of Felicity Smoak in this episode totally delivered in the funny moments category. She’s such a fun character to watch and to see her add some sexual tension to the show made it all the more hilarious. Grant Gustin and Emily Bett Rickards have a great on screen dynamic and it’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of down the road.

One more time, a shout out has to go to the emergence of Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold. He was written perfectly by Geoff Johns and once he and rest of The Rogues square off against Flash it’s going to be epic.


Still unsure of what to make out of Harrison Wells. At least this week ended the streak of featuring him doing dastardly stuff in the final two minutes of the episode. But with him seemingly on the edge of strangling Cisco, it’s unclear if his actions are truly meant to protect Barry or another step in a nefarious plan.

The relationship between Eddie Thawne and Iris West is starting to become a real buzz kill for me. The idea was fun because I thought sooner or later Eddie would start acting more evil and live up to his notorious name, but that’s yet to happen. He still has the nice guy front on so it makes the relationship less interesting, no one wants to watch two normal people together in a show about super powers and things of that nature.


“Going Rogue” is the best episode so far of the series thanks to the emergence of the diabolical Captain Cold. He’s the show’s first complex villain and he offers much promise for future episodes. The tone of the show shifted to a much darker atmosphere as Barry and Cisco have to live with the consequences of their first big failures. With the door still open for more Captain Cold appearances, the rivalry between him and the Scarlet Speedster is looking to blossom before our eyes.