Sinestro_Vol_1-6_Cover-1_Teaser Act One of the Green Lantern: Godhead crossover wraps up this week in the pages of Sinestro #6. The main thrust of the issue involves The Sinestro Corps traveling to Nok, home of the Indigo Tribe, where they along with the Green Lantern Corps are under assault from the New Gods.

Seems the team leader is a bit miffed about them stealing Arkillo’s ring (along with some fingers). Hungry for a fight, Sinestro decides that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and teams with the other corps to give the New Gods a bit of hurt. He kills two birds with one stone, fulfilling an explosive ulterior motive that’s been on his mind since his return to the yellow from the green side.


Strong art from the team of Eaglesham, Coccolo and Hanna. As much as I complained about Cullen Bunn’s portrayal of Sinestro in last week’s issue of Secret Origins, here, he’s right in line with what I’d expect him to be at this point in his life. Brutal, unruly, but always with a sense of class and that perfect posture. The action is good, the dialogue is good.


No major complaints to be had here. As I’ve stated with some of the other issues in the crossover, it’s tough to balance between exposition and action, progressing the event as well as your own story. This is my first issue of Sinestro, so there’s a few points in the beginning that I’m a bit lost. But that’s what I get for jumping in with issue 6. Also, this seems to be a mandate for every Green Lantern title, but the constant condensing of the Corps down to a handful of members each (or less) is kind of bumming me out, belittling the scope that this end of the DCU has built up and maintained for years now.


Readers following Godhead will likely be satisfied with this addition, though as an act closer, it doesn’t quite pack the full punch I’d hoped. Still, it’s a fine issue in it’s own right and inches us little by little through this cosmic crossover. I’m willing to bet these few issues will win over some new long-term readers for the title.

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