New Characters Announced for Supergirl Show

by Jamie Robinson
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30The Supergirl television be developed for CBS, will bring to the screen several Superman characters, but see them in a new way. The characters in question so far include, James “Jimmy” Olsen, Cat Grant, Winslow Schott aka Toyman, and Hank Henshaw aka the Cyborg Superman.
Cat Grant will be in her 40’s and the founder of the CatCo organization. Supergirl’s civilian identity Kara, will be her personal assistant. The producers are open to women of any ethnicity for the role.
James “Jimmy” Olsen will not be working for the Daily Planet in this show (as far as producers have revealed) but will be the photographer for CatCo. The character is described as smart, worldly, attractive, and in his late 20’s-early 30’s. He’s a bit of an alpha-male and will be Kara’s crush. The producers are also open to any ethnicity for this character.
Winslow Schott will serve as CatCo’s programmer. He is a twenty-something genius and “Comic Con stalwart.” He also will the next-door neighbor of Kara, of whom he will develop a crush on. It is unclear yet as to whether he will be shown in his supervillain alter-ego of Toyman.
Hank Henshaw is a CIA agent in his 40’s who is very interested in extraterrestrial aliens. He is the head of the DEO organization (Department of Extra-Normal Operations) and will be very interested in Supergirl once she is revealed to the public. Like Schott, it is still unclear as to whether Henshaw will develop into his supervillain alter-ego of the Cyborg-Superman.
Greg Berlanti (creator of Arrow, The Flash, and No Ordinary Family) and Ali Adler (writer for No Ordinary Family) will be taking on this project as both writers and executive producers along with Sarah Schechter of Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. TV.

Sources: Comicbookresources & TVline

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