Air Capital Comic Con

air capital posterSunday marked the second annual Air Capital Comic Con in my hometown of Wichita, KS. I’m sure many readers have never heard of Wichita let alone the ACCC. It certainly isn’t SDCC but for a small con it is making big strides. Plenty of vendors and artists alike packed the venue. Of course there was a cosplay contest and fans came out in droves to show their support. Being in the midwest there are only so many cons that I have easy access to. Being able to attend such an event in my city was simply amazing. To be honest I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was. I was pleasantly proven wrong when I walked in the door and received a gift bag for being the 600 in attendance. I know 600 doesn’t necessarily sound like a large amount of people but Air Capital Comic Con has had a great start and has plenty of potential to grow and flourish. Jim Rugg, Eric Weathers, Buster Moody, and Kelly Williams were just a few people who had booths set up throughout the hall.

IMG_4562Jim Rugg was one the people I was most excited to see. He has been attached to companies like Image Comics and Darkhorse Comics. Rugg also did a set of beautiful Adventure Time comics covers. While at his booth I picked up a couple different collections. Afrodisiac and Street Angel were the two books I purchased and Rugg even did a little illustration in the front cover of both. He was clearly the main attraction because when I finally found my way over he told me that his new collection of drawings sold out within the first hour.


Considering snow covered the ground and it was 29 degrees outside I was extremely pleased to see how many people braved the cold to dress up as their favorite characters. Link, Harley Quinn, and many Doctor Whos were all accounted for.

Most of the vendors were local and I had seen their supply so the artists were the real point of interest for me. Jerry Bennett was one of the premiere artists attending the Air Capital Comic Con. He was excitable which was understandable after seeing all of his fun and colorful works. I ended up purchasing three prints from Bennett and he happily signed each one. Arkham Artwerks was also present at the event showing of their many Batman themed works.

Overall it was a pleasurable experience that I can’t wait to re-live next year. I would definitely urge anybody in the area to try to attend in 2015. The only future I can see for this local con is a big one. The more the culture becomes mainstream the more vast the options become for where to take this next year. A few more recognisable guests would be welcomed and maybe a few more out-of-town vendors. I love Prairie Dog and Wizards Asylum but I am there all of the time.

Check back in June when I go to Smallville Comic Con in Hutchinson, KS. It is another local con that is twice the size. Last year I was able to meet Phillip Morris from Smallville. Needless to say I can’t wait until my trip back this June.

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