Constantine to Make the Big Jump..Again.

by Daryl Keogh
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With the recent announcement of all the up and coming DC movies like Shazam, Wonder Woman and Justice League parts 1 and 2 is seems that one aspect of the DC universe seems to have been kept in the DARK.

The Justice League Dark movie has been in development ever since Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro but no movement has been made on the project for a while now. Even with Guillermo del Toro saying he would use Matt Ryan as the Chain Smoking John Constantine after his stellar performance as the man himself in the self-named TV show on NBC.
Ryan went on to say in an interview talking about the Dark Universe or Justice League Dark “What’s so great is that there’s so many great storylines and the Justice League Dark stuff as well. How fantastic would that be if we could do something like that? Obviously those things are out of my hands, so we’ll see.”
But this won’t be John’s first time on the big screen in a earlier adaption Keanu Reeves played Constantine in the again self-titled movie. Fans were split down the middle for the film and many fans were annoyed he was not British but that’s what Ryan brings, although less smoking, more British and blondeness to the character with the snarky attitude included.

Only time will tell if the DC cinematic universe will get a little more magical. Matt Ryan stars in NBC’s Constantine on Friday nights at 10 EST.

Source: cinemablend


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