Hal Jordan To Return To Justice League

by Roemello Mckay
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In an interview with IGN, Justice League writer Geoff Johns along with new series illustrator Jason Fabok discussed the current Justice League arc titled, “The Amazo Virus”, and what readers will be seeing in the near future. Including the return of Green Lantern.

Hal Jordan returnsReaders of the series know that Green Lantern Hal Jordan departed from the Justice League way back in Justice League #12. However, Geoff Johns has been hinting at his return for some time. Considering no other member of the Green Lantern Corp has been a member of The Justice League in the New 52 continuity it is highly likely that it will be Hal Jordan making his way back to the pages of the series.

With all the recent events occurring and the ones approaching in the DC Universe such as Forever Evil (Not to mention Lex Luthor joining the Justice League soon after), The Amazo Virus , Godhead and many others, the upcoming “Darkseid War” storyline (Which was teased at in the end of Forever Evil) seems to focus on bringing the team back together. Johns was quoted as saying :

“Jay and I both see this as a great opportunity, and working on the Justice League is the biggest opportunity there is,” Johns said. “We’ve talked a lot about where we’re taking the book and where we’re taking the cast of characters. It really is focusing on the core Justice League post-Luthor, and Shazam, and Green Lantern’s going to come back soon for the big Darkseid War storyline.” 

Which Johns followed up with a “Yes, he’s coming back!”


Source(s): Comic Book Movie


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