Will Smith Comments On Playing Deadshot

by Roemello Mckay
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In a recent press conference for his new film Focus, Will Smith was asked what the differences is between his roles in Hancock, Focus and Suicide Squad. Smith was interested by this question as he admits that he had never thought of comparing those three characters before.  Smith answered with “I guess I like the concept of dubious moral.”

He began to talk about his parts in Hancock and Focus then shared his thoughts on his role as Deadshot. Smith is quoted as saying “With Suicide Squad, we just started on that. I think I haven’t explored the psychology enough of Deadshot, somebody who could take money to kill people; how he justifies that for himself. So, I still have a little bit of work to do on that, but in my life in general and in my career, those are the type of roles that I’m pushing more towards; those kinds of questions.”

As far as the upcoming film Focus goes, it seems as though the movie, which will be in theaters February 27th, is a huge teaser for DC fans. In the film, Will Smith plays a con man named Nicky, who becomes romantically involved with a novice con artist named Jess (Margot Robbie).

As many fans are aware of, Margot Robbie has the honor of being cast with Will Smith as the DC Cinematic Universe’s Harley Quinn for the Suicide Squad film. It seems as though the DC films will be based heavily on the New 52 timeline, in which Harley Quinn and Deadshot are somewhat romantically involved as well. Fans will also recall that Harley Quinn’s Father was a con man who tore their family apart with his actions. So perhaps, this film is a small way to tease viewers at what’s in store for them in 2016.

There is a video available below in which you can listen to Smith’s thoughts on the subject . Enjoy.


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