Review – CATWOMAN #39

by Kate Kane
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Catwoman rises up from the ashes as she prepares for her eve of battle. With the now opposing turf war looming she confides in her alter ego to do her old outfit justice.

1Genevieve Valentine has shocked the comic world with her surprise announcement of Selena being bisexual. I must admit I was just reading through the comic leisurely then pretty much flipped a table when I saw the panel of Selena kissing her doppelganger. It was the hard-core punch that this comic was in dire need of and Valentine has absolutely done an ace job of throwing readers this curve ball! The story was once again text heavy but finally answers were revealed as the action moments found their place in the undercover world. Hold onto your seats kids this ride is about to get bumpy!

7Garry Brown and Lee Loughridge carry through with their rough, dark artwork as the sketchy designs emulate the ragged tension that this story is now passing through. Their close-up panels are rather beautiful and I do enjoy the way they portray Selena though with some of the smaller panels the artwork just becomes colored blobs in a square.


5The sensation of Selena’s sexual orientation shocked some and made other readers laugh knowing all along of the hidden secret. This kitty has pretty much flirted with everything since she stepped into Gotham and I’m glad that most readers are taking this as no big deal, that it is simply just another facet to the characters charms. It’s great to see Selena loving someone and as Valentine herself said, when Catwoman loves, she loves deep and hard. I think that shows a real emotional side to the character and has only evolved her from a common villain into a really amazing antihero who chooses to love who she wishes at the end of the day be it Batman or woman.


3Again the text slightly clogged up the issue as Black Mask rambled on. I know villains usually have giant, puffed up speeches but sometimes too much text can over do a moment. Also the art is a hit and miss though it does definitely get better as the issue moves along.


Catwoman has now grown into someone much more pivotal that a villain of the ages. This woman has so much potential behind her and the ability to handle the eminent threat that Gotham is now facing. Stay tuned to see this brave woman take on the world and try to keep her new lover alive without wearing her mask.




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