Review: Arrow Episode 15 “Nanda Parbat”

by David Hestand III
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Arrow got to travel some, as they went to save Malcolm from Ra’s.  The flashback story was simple, and put us one step closer to potentially uncovering what happened between Tatsu and Maseo.  However, the Nanda Parbat action didn’t come until the second half.

This week was in a sense about building up some of the characters together.  I’ve frequently thought that this has been a very character driven season, and the last three weeks have really proven that to me.  Off in Nanda Parbat, we got to build the wonderful friendship between Oliver and Diggle.  Back at home, Roy and Thea got insight into each others dealings with grief.

The fast-paced action of Nanda Parbat moved smoothly in the back section of the episode.  In the end, it led up to an interesting reveal, that definitely led to some spinning heads.  Oh yeah, and ATOM can fly.  Let’s hope he shrinks soon.


Roy and Thea had some excellent material in bonding over their drugged murder incidents.  Roy had many excellent character moments trying to connect with Thea, but the reveal of what he does for the family of the police officer was particularly heart-breaking.  In a show full of killers, it is so cool seeing some people truly struggling with the killing.  Much better than Sara’s way of dealing.

Equally wonderful:  honesty and level-headedness.  Seriously.  People told more secrets this week and those that heard them took it well.  No meltdowns.  No death threats.  No severed relationships.  Give me more of this every week, Arrow writers!

Exchanges between Diggle and Oliver were great this episode, especially in the cell in Nanda Parbat.  The idea that he came after Ra’s because he has something to prove was interesting.  I don’t personally buy that Oliver is that egotistical, but it allowed for a cool bonding moment.


For an organization of highly trained killers, the league assassins went down really easy.  Unless Ra’s was throwing them out there to lure the Arrow, it makes little sense.  Heck, even that plan makes little sense.

The constant foreshadowing that Diggle had something to ask Oliver kind of undercut the moment even more than I thought it would.  Usually it seems rather fun, but something about this time hurt the moment when it finally rolled around.

Thea giving Nyssa the sword was just strange.  We know she’s not going to kill her.  Felt very reminiscent of the Thea shooting Malcolm moment from Season 2.  Can Thea stop being in silly cliffhangers?

The Uncertain

So the final offer from Ra’s definitely left people talking.  As a moment for building character and developing the Arrow into the Green Arrow, I like it.  It works, as Ra’s needs an heir and Nyssa has disappointed him (which is probably the endgame here).  In addition, Batman does not have a monopoly on being offered to be heir to the demon.  But, it still kind of stings that a major Batman event/idea is being used to further Arrow, who has been accused of being Batman-lite for three years now.  Time will tell.

The Verdict

Arrow provided a lot of excellent character moments in “Nanda Parbat,” even if some of its action was a bit lacking.


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