Review: Convergence Justice League #1

Oh baby! in Convergence Justice League #1 written by Frank Tieri, art by Vicente Cifuentes, color by Monica Kubina, and letting by Nick J. Napolitano.

And indeed baby on board as the issue opens with Preboot Kara carrying Jessie Quick to the hospital t0 deliver her and Hourman’s baby. That is, when the dome drops over Gotham trapping Jade, Kara, Convergence - Justice League (2015) 001-009Zatanna, Vixen, Mera and Jessie Quick inside and without their powers. One year later Kara still doesn’t have her powers but she can still wallop as she beats up a guy who groped her in a club. Mera can’t seem to relax and misses Arthur. After the dome falls I believe it is Flashpoint Aquaman sees Mera and promptly goes to kidnap her since his Mera had died. Perfect night out with the girls right? RIGHT?


Uh, making the Justice League title for this an all female cast is great. I wish there was a bit more diversity (poor Doctor Light never gets her chance) but it’s still a solid team if you can call it that. Otherwise this…is not written terribly well, nor drawn well either but it isn’t so ugly as to write it off completely.  It also has very, very little action but plenty of grimdarkness from I’m assuming is Injustice or Flashpoint Aquaman.

NEGATIVESConvergence - Justice League (2015) 001-023

The writing is poor and pretty much what we’re seeing over in Convergence Superman; Flashpoint (I believe) counterparts seeing their lost loves alive and then going and kidnapping them. It’s sort of lazy writing and undermines both Mera in this case and Lois over in the Superman title though Mera can hold her own rather well it still sucks seeing her “captured”. The dialogue of the girls bickering at each other and making jabs is not particularly well done, sounding more like a guy imagining what girls sound like as opposed to having heard actual groups of women bickering. Playful banter is fun but comics need to ditch girls being so snotty to each other. They could have done so much more with this issue action wise and give the heroines something to do but they chose not to.

Vicente Cifuentes is also one of those artists that you want to shake, and then go teach them about  fashionwow. He’s more than good at beautiful aquatic beasts and castles but his people are a little dated.  I was not a fan of Cifuentes’ coloring on the gritty initial take of Gail Simone’s Batgirl, where he liberally applied teal and purple blooms everywhere and made faces look like putty. Seeing him on art duty isn’t much better, his “Comic book” fashion for women is a blend of 90s and early 00s wear. Seriously belly shirts all around. Granted that goes with Preboot Kara but come on dude look at some fashion magazine’s it won’t kill you. His women are very “samey same” with perpetual mad faces and movements that are average to not very dynamic. There’s traces of Benes in his work. Kubina did a decent job on coloring though she put sort of smokey eye makeup on every single character so it looked like outdated eyeshadow/ 80’s makeup.


Verdict? Hopefully it picks up. Generous 3/5.