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Wonder Woman Convergence is already encapsulated in its dome prison as Wonder Woman fights against a strange cult that’s now sprung up from the disaster. Though these angels that are foreseen by the group just happen to be some old time foes that our amazon princess must once again defeat.

3Larry Hama took on the great challenge of the Wonder Woman in this week’s convergence. Though it was nice to see an older side of Diana being recovered, this story takes a downward twist. Cults and vampires dominate the pages in a bizarre and disjointed story that really had me scratching my head as I found that none of the issue made sense. For a Convergence, the story wasn’t as strong as it could have been and I must say I do prefer the original Gotham Villains to these vampiric imposters. I think a more traditional story for Wonder Woman would have brought out a more passionate side to the character and given her a more powerful fight.

5Joshua Middleton has created the pages of this Convergence and it’s a little flat, no pun intended. With a gloomy palette of colour and flashes of awaked bright shards the comic doesn’t really scream Wonder Woman to me. Through neatly spaced out, the splash pages are quite nice and the facial expressions really capture the heated moments or terror.


6It’s nice to see Etta appearing in the story of Wonder Woman. As a long standing character throughout the series, I was happy to see her appear again even in the tragedy. I do love the idea of Diana being back under cover for the Convergence, if some readers don’t know about this point in Wonder Woman’s time line it’s a great way to showcase the secret agent side of the amazon before the worlds are about to be abolished.


1Why Steve…. God I hate this relationship!! Why the hell do they live in Gotham for starters when Wonder Woman has always been in Washington and it just seems so old school to drag this one back up from the volts but I guess that’s what it is in this world. Also the vampire stick is getting old DC. Why does every character have to be a vampire and why have we never seen these versions before? If this is supposed to be worlds converging where the hell did Joker, Ivy and Catwoman come from? This fact eludes me and I’m not really impressed with how this fits into the story.


Wonder Woman Convergence is now facing again up against Gotham’s finest villains as she must fight to not only survive but save her world form destruction. Stay tuned to see if Wonder Woman can take on the villain Batman boasts about, the Joker himself.





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