Bombshells Takeover DC Comics In August

DC Comics is turning back the clock again, and bringing back their popular themed variants, the DC Comics Bombshells, in August. The reach of Bombshells will extend from statues as part of its DC Collectibles line, all the way to a new ongoing digital-first comic series titled DC Comics Bombshells with bombshell versions of DC heroines like Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batwoman fighting in World War 2.

The variant covers will include Aquaman #43Flash #43, Justice League of America #3, New Suicide Squad #11, Batman/Superman #23, Grayson #11, Secret Six #5, Superman #43, Green Lantern #43, Harley Quinn #19, Wonder Woman #43 Deathstroke #9 and Green Arrow #43, Justice League #43, Teen Titans #11Sinestro #14, Action Comics #43Batman #43Catwoman #43Detective Comics #43 and Superman / Wonder Woman #20.

Action_Comics_43_var_750_555677f1926084.77067797 Aquaman_43_var_750_555677ff92c216.57605748 BATMAN_43_var_750_5556781b047c07.10250968 Batman_Superman_23_variant_750_5556782b7bae42.55033098 Catwoman_43_var_750_5556783f50ae44.89191347 Deathstroke_9_var_750_5556785e479750.27036978 Detective_Comics_43_var_750_5556786ebfdb28.36396889 Flash_43_var_750_5556787f500435.63214831 Grayson_11_var_750_55567892ab84e3.52268860 Green_Arrow_43_var_750_555678a720cb45.44787452 Green_Lantern_43_var_750_555678b9065466.52197247 HARLEY_19_var_750_555678d1386c23.66202174 JLA_3_var_750_555678e6410215.68761156 Justice_League_43_var_750_55567a42131ff9.13068306 New_Suicide_Squad_11_var_750_55567a5d5353e9.44310424 Secret_Six_5_var_750_55567a7a2e2a21.91159006 Sinestro_14_var_750_55567a94d3c324.27146588 Superman_43_var_750_55567aad576175.41014611 Superman_WonderWoman_20_var_750_55567ac73394e7.91450078 Teen_Titans_11_var_750_55567aece8f849.85777527 WonderWoman_43_var_750_55567b089fc9b6.03195380

Sources: DC Comics and Newsrama

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