Bizarro #1 – Preview: The Worstest Road Trip Ever!

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC Comics has released an 8-page preview for one of the all-new ongoing series post-Convergence starring the worst hero of them all: the NO Superman – Bizarro!

Bizarro will tie-in with the aftermath of ”Convergence”, titled ”Divergence”.

Solicit Synopsis:

Introducing the hero no one wants! And Jimmy Olsen’s assignment is to help get him out of Metropolis and into Bizarro America aka Canada!

Take a look at the preview below.

BIZ-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-1-2048-554a93c495df47-67691544-6347c bizarro bizarro bizarro BIZ-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-5-2048-554a9534365ee9-12940424-a8f4e BIZ-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-6-2048-554a958b75d6a8-00745326-47df3 BIZ-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-7-2048-554a95d66b4eb8-01037912-80127 BIZ-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-8-2048-554a960ecd29a1-85823788-56c8d BIZ-950-dyluxlo-res-crop-Page-9-2048-554a9652500f05-29775730-0bb93

Let’s hope that last dialogue box does not become true!

I never thought seeing a Bizarro ongoing, did you? Sound off in the comments section below.

Bizarro will be unleashed on June and don’t miss the rest of the previews for the returning and all-new series post-Convergence:

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