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Injustice loses another brave soul as Renee Montoya’s life now ends with her painful departure. Trying to once and for all end the conflict, she gives up her life hoping that the blood shed will end.

5Oh dear Brian Buccellato has a lot to answer for in this issue. Not only was the story very much rushed but this is now the second time a death on Batman’s team is not grieved for. With the emotional death of Renee Montoya, not all the characters felt the cold sting of life lost. Batwoman and Wonder Woman seemed strongly unaffected by the loss though strangely enough, the two most unlikely characters shed more tears than those closest to the ex-cop. This was definitely out of character for these women and I felt it severely altered my perception of the story. With her death quickly done with, Bruce manages to call a truce for the moment before wearing his cowl once again to end it all. I thought the story raced through the importance of Renee giving up her life to shove in Oracle and Lex Luthor who have now both returned to the fight. Sometimes good moments shouldn’t be rushed and when someone sacrifices themselves for the greater good, I think they deserve the issue to be cried over.

4Mike. S Miller and J. Nanjan well, well, I do love some Greek gods in all their beauty and glory. These characters are exactly how I imagined them to be and the elegance just oozes off every panel. Then to jump to the tearful sobs of Bruce and his emotional eyes holding a slopped Renee in his arms moved me. Even dying, Renee was drawn so beautifully with bright green blood pouring from her eyes. It was a touching panel and I commend the artist for capturing the moment perfectly.


1Greek gods are always interesting, despite the annoyance of the inconstancy in this issue, I enjoyed the sneak peeks of them popping through. I was also pleasant to see Oracle return to the story. Since the death of her father, Commissioner Gordon, we have seen little of the tech bat but now I think she will play one of the strongest parts of all to this story.




6My biggest annoyance was why wasn’t Batwoman crying? If my partner had died in battle, killing herself to save everyone, I would have been hysterical. Not once did she try to stop Renee, try to help or even shed a tear for the person she was married to. I don’t know if Buccellato had forgotten this fact but yes, Batwoman and Renee were together. She cried more over Huntress’s death than her wife’s. This was a massive flaw to the story and now with the shortened bat team, it makes the coldness surrounding them even more apparent. They feel detached from everything and unbelievable as characters. I did however see Bruce’s pain and was surprised to see him as the only person crying over Renee’s sacrifice.


Injustice claims another soul as Batman’s rules are thrown out the window. The time for final decisions has been made the fight to the death has been issued. Stay tuned to see who will survive and what working are going on behind the scenes.




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