Review- Starfire #1

by Kate Kane
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Starfire graces the pages of DC with her own new serious. With the bombshell Meta landing on Earth, she wants to make a new home in peace with the help of her new human friends.

4Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner were given a bunch of titles for the June reboot, one of which they raced for was Starfire. However this comic does not have the same punch as their other comedic series. Having taken on a third comic to their work order, Starfire is pretty much a story of an alien teenager who is looking for a big sister to show her the ropes. It was like reading a story about a teenager moving out for the first time. She is dizzy and rather stupid in most of the events that her new friend Sheriff Gomez helps her through. I don’t know if it’s a bit of the other titles seeping into the story line but I really can’t see Starifre being this flat out dumb even as an alien character she would have some standing of edicate coming from a royal line. With all the female titles that DC have shut down it disappoints me to see they were replaced for a series that doesn’t paint women in a good light.

6Emanuela Lupacchino has wonderfully pencilled the new superhero and man I can’t help but adore Hi-Fi’s coloring.  The pages are just beautiful and easy on the eyes as they really focus on Starfire’s strange color scheme. One thing that I loved the most was her hair; the fact that it almost flicks out to flames was an incredible touch and very well placed when the blackout happens. It glows in the darkness really solidifying that she in fact from another planet. The pages are big and bold and Hi-Fi must have had a field day coloring these. It’s not every day an artist gets to use orange as the main color for the comic.


5The artwork was definitely the best part of the comic. Coming from years of wearing nothing but a bikini, this new start gives her a chance to perhaps not be known just for her rocking body. I also liked that the comic made reference to some of her classic situations which was interesting to spot.



2As much as the artwork rocked, the storyline flopped. After reading the snippet of backstory that readers were given in the first few pages, I was excited thinking I would get a strong brave heroine. Instead I got a “bottle blonde” ditz who acted like she was only seeing guys for the first time. She felt really stupid and childish and I didn’t expect that from a character that grew up as a royal then was enslaved and raised a rebellion to free herself. She piloted a space ship for god sake and all of a sudden she can’t pick out an outfit on her own? I was highly disappointed in her, while comedy works for some characters it’s doesn’t fit all of them. I don’t know if DC are targeting a teen demographic but I can say it’s not appealing to me as an older woman reading this series.


Starfire now runs into her first spot of trouble as a storm is literally brewing on the horizon. Will she be able to help her new friends stay safe or is something worse going to be blown her way?




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