‘Constantine’ Season 1, Ep. 14 Script Released Online

by Kevin Gunn
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EP Daniel Cerone Makes Good on Promise!

In case you haven’t heard, Matt Ryan is coming back to television as John Constantine. This time, the occult detective will lend his expertise to Oliver Queen and company on Arrow in these week’s episode titled “Haunted.” It appears John owes Oliver a favor, so he cashes it for help with a Lazarus Pit-dipped Sara Lance.

To celebrate Constantine’s arrival in Star City, Constantine Executive Producer Daniel Cerone held a Twitter campaign in support of the character and Ryan, promising he would release the script of Season 1, Episode 14 if he got 2,000 retweets. As promised, the script was released online after over 3,000 retweets.

Constantine premiered last October with 4.28 million viewers, but despite rabid fans and decent reviews, it was taken off NBC. There was talk of saving the series with a move to NBC’s sister cable network SyFy. Unfortunately, the show was ultimately cancelled at just 13 episodes.

Arrow star Stephen Amell offered his support to save the show during the #Save Constantine campaign, and executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed a possible crossover event between Arrow and Constantine. Word broke in August that Matt Ryan would return as John Constantine on Arrow.

Arrow airs on Wednesday at 8/7 c on The CW.

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