DC Comics Release Teaser Images For New Characters On ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

by Joshua Raynor
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Over the last four days, DC Comcs has released teaser pictures on their Instagram page for their new CW series, Legends of Tomorrow, asking people to “Screenshot this image and use filters to reveal the answer.”  And we did just that.

Check them out below:









And here is what they look like after using filters to reveal their hidden messages:

Legend of tomorrow Easter eggs

Three of these are pretty self explanatory, with Sandman, Jonah Hex, and Hourman.  But the fourth one may leave some people scratching their head.

Ma Hunkel Pot Helmet is a reference to the original Red Tornado.  First appearing in All-American Comics #3 back in 1939, Ma Hunkle was an average, working mother who decides to adopt the identity of the “Red Tornado” to fight crime and clean up her neighborhood.  This is very different than the Red Tornado who’s an android, that most fans know from shows like Young Justice and Supergirl.

Of the four, three of them were direct members or honorary members of the Justice Society of America, while Jonah Hex was part of a group whose purpose was to fight the JSA, but ultimately rebelled.

Does this mean we will see a version of the JSA on Legends of Tomorrow? Possibly with Hex actually being a member?  Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm EST on The CW.

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