Who Is Wonder Girl In New 52?


Who is this Wonder Girl in the New 52? A question that Greg Pak gets to answer as he takes over Teen Titans this month. His focus on the background of Cassie Sandsmark -the current Wonder Girl; and her connection to Wonder Woman.  Since the reboot of the New 52 everything has been updated and given a fresh new feel with powers, relationships, and new origins.

As a change in Cassie’s origin story she is no longer portrayed as the daughter of Zeus, but rather now Diana is the daughter of Zeus.  Of course this begs to question where Cassie gets her god-like strength. The answer is pretty simple, it is her powered armor. The other answers to her origins are a little bit more complex and I personally look forward to reading about how Greg will recreate Wonder Girl.

With these new takes it allows for Greg to really explore the background of Cassie and her relationship with Wonder Woman and her role in the Teen Titans. All of this kicks off in Teen Titans issue #17 that comes out February 24th, 2016.  There is a small interview that Newsarama does with Greg Pak that tells a little bit more. If you are interested click here to check it out.



Brandon Richardson

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