Batman v Superman… The Reviews are Coming In!

by JC Alvarez
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On March 25th fans will be picking sides in one of pop-culture’s most anticipated showdowns when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits movie theaters around the world. The reviews are starting to come in and the dawn of justice is looking bright.

From the moment that fans across the genre-spectrum realized that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment was about to deliver on the big screen clash between two of its most iconic heroes almost immediately everyone has had an opinion about whether Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will deliver. No doubt the expectations are high. Metropolis’ Man of Tomorrow is about to take on the Dark Knight of Gotham, and whether you side with Superman or Batman, one thing is certain — it’ll be a blockbuster.

The first reviews are starting to seep onto the world wide web! Entertainment reporters and bloggers can hardly contain themselves — and really — how could they? After the lukewarm reception that director Zack Snyder got with his premiere DC Universe opus Man of Steel and after the highly controversial ending which many believed darkened the overall tone of the Superman mythology, fans and audiences hardly expected that a sequel to the franchise would be in the works.

When the studio announced that Snyder would indeed lead the march to realize the DC Universe on the cinematic spectrum, and that his follow-up would build on aspects of what movie-goers had already experienced, the match-up of the century Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would ultimately and immediately test Superman fandom in stark contrast to that of Batman’s most devoted fanbase. After proving one of cinema’s most lucrative and profitable franchises it’s no surprise that Batman is the headliner in this month’s tentpole slugfest!

Entertainment Weekly contributor Anthony Breznican was among the chosen few amidst the media corp that got a first look at BvS before its upcoming March 25 premiere, and immediately took to Twitter to express his views. For the most part, Breznican’s view was favorable. He Twitted: “If you loved Man of Steel, you’ll love BvS. If you loved Man of Steel, but not the end — BvS may redeem that. If you hated Man of Steel and the whole grim/dark thing, okay, probably not for you.”

Breznican cited in his tweet that “Wonder Woman is fearsome.” and that there is a moment between our two titular titans that promises to even bring a tear to the most cynical movie-goers, and illicit that fans will be left with much to discuss.

The upcoming issue of EW which will be centrically focused on the film will undoubtedly reveal and/or confirm details about the film, but certain themes are taking shape and it’s been affirmed that Superman, Batman and Wonder Women are not the only DC heroes playing into the film’s plot. At least two other icons will have prominent roles in the feature, and we already know that the film will be the springboard establishing Justice League which begins shooting next month. EW’s Breznican concluded his tweet saying: “Personally, I was happy.”

Optimism returns and March 25 couldn’t get here sooner!

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