DC Universe’s Rebirth Pre-Orders


That’s right we have the list of pre-orders for these next few months and man are there a metric ton of them! This is pretty great news for everyone who is wanting to dive into the Rebirth with issue #1! It has over seventy pages of epic artwork and a story that I look forward to reading and adding to my collection. If you are like me and love the feel of holding a comic then don’t worry because they are all coming soon! DC Universe: Rebirth is going to be available May 25. With DC Universe: Rebirth #1 it will be an amazing refocus on the core characters and their own universes. According to DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns,

It brings back what has been lost: the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of DCU!


dc rebirth

Their are comics from all of our favorite DC heroes to their individual comic book series such as Justice League: Extinction Machine, Batman: I Am Gotham, Detective Comics: Rise of the Batmen, Wonder Woman: The Lies, and many more!

For a complete list of comics, their prices and release dates click here!


Brandon Richardson

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and it has always been a dream to work in comic books. And to do this is amazing and a lot of fun for me because not only do I get to read and write about what DC Comics is doing but it gives me more insight into who the characters are.