Review: Action Comics #50

by Steven Brown
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Superman is back! The Man of Steel returns with his powers back fully restored ready to take the fight to Vandal Savage! As the comet that fuels Vandal’s powers draws closer to Earth, Superman must push his powers to the brink to save us all!


The Positives

Action Comics #50, written and penciled by Aaron Kuder and also written by Greg Pak was a straight slugfest from beginning to end. As you know already if you’ve been following my posts, I’m a big fan of the action, and issue #50 gives it to us in spades. Superman returns to us in all of his majesty, and as he briefly enjoys the return of his powers, he’s quickly reminded of why he has them–to stop men like Vandal Savage! To stop an immortal of such power even Superman can’t do it alone. Allies from previous issues jump into the fray and it’s here that Kuder reminds you just how much of an inspiration Superman is. It’s more than the powers or the uniform–it’s what he can inspire in anyone.


The Negatives

My only complaint with this issue is a minor one. During the fight with a depowered Superman, Vandal drops him in the Fortress of Solitude. It’s when Superman drops through it that the Fortress recognizes his DNA and automatically purges his body of the kryptonite and returns his powers to him. At this moment I’m thinking what the hell did Savage just do? I actually reread the entire page just be sure I saw things correctly here. I mean, you have Superman almost beaten and you give him a power-up? As I said it was something minor, and although I’m glad the cape is back, I feel as though a part of it was too easily done here in this issue.


The Verdict

Action Comics #50 is a great read! It’s a great build up to the conclusion of the war between Superman and Savage and it makes you eager to read the next issue! We have great fights, great cameos from other characters–and finally the return of the shield and cape! I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out.


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