“ICONIC” DC Collectibles for Dad! (Really!)

Save your money! Trump the designer ties! The latest DC Collectibles “ICONS” Action Figures are just what Dad’s been asking for this Father’s Day and let’s face it…you’re gonna want to grab a couple of these desirable items for yourself too!

Whether your Dad is a certified Man of Steel, or a King of the Seven Seas, this Father’s Day you can bet that DC Collectibles has just the right gift suitable for every Fortress of Solitude or Man-Cave this season! There are several great books hitting the market that are tailor made to keep the biggest DC Comics fan fixated which include visits to the Silver Age with The Flash (available now The Flash: The Silver Age Vol. 1 collects the Scarlet Speedster’s earliest adventure including his premiere origin and early appearances including Showcase #4 $24.99) and the great Darwyn Cooke’s classic DC: The New Frontier is re-released for $34.99.

But let’s face it, the chances that Dad hasn’t already added these volumes to his library are pretty slim. These are after all, definitive comics classic that any true historian can’t do without, so this year get him something for Father’s Day that he can’t find anywhere else, something that Dad can’’t do without and perhaps something that he might want to share — PLAYTIME!

DC Collectibles is preparing to unleash the next ave of its premiere line of “ICONS” action figures. Based on some of the most iconic characters spanning the entirety of DC Comics more than 75 years of published history, the “ICONS” action figures are designed by none-other than one of the greats: Ivan Reis and feature the most multiple points of articulation and accessories you can find in a 6 inch model line. Available this June and just in time for Father’s Day…

DC_Icons_AF_Aquaman[1] DC_Icons_AF_Atomica[1]

AquamanLegend of Aquaman (sculpted by Joe Mena) The King of the Seven Seas is captured in his most classic look in the traditional golden-orange chainmail tunic and green tights.

SupermanMan of Steel (sculpted by Erick Sosa) The most recognizable heroic icon of them all has never looked more super! Sporting the red, blue and yellow that catapulted him back onto the scene post-Crisis.

AtomicaForever Evil (sculpted by Sam Greenwell) This deadly denizen of Earth-3 infiltrated the Justice League and then tried to take over the planet! Packaged along with a bite-sized version of the Modern Age “Atom” (also articulated) and the classic, legend Ray Palmer, this femme fatale’s days are numbered!


Dedicated to capturing perfect details, the “ICONS” action figure line is packaged in a clear box suitable for display on any shelf, or for play! Priced at $28.00 these figures are worthy of the Highfather himself — though we suspect that Darkseid may be keeping these all to himself. The mad god of Apokolips is known to troll the specialty shops and profit from black market sales! These “ICONS” — they go fast!

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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